Book Proposal Outline

Book Proposal Outline

Start by using the “Header/Footer” to include the book title, author name, and page # at the top of document.

Title: Proposed title (and subtitle if nonfiction).

Author: Name and complete contact info including telephone, email, web and/or blog sites.

Hook: One/two sentence description that pulls the reader in.

Overview: Nonfiction – what is this book about? Summarize its contents. What’s the takeaway value or felt-need addressed?

Synopsis: Fiction – One to two pages full story outline.

Purpose: Nonfiction – you can use bullets to organize the specific goals of your book.

Promotion and Marketing: Research stats/facts and any pertinent information that will help sell your idea to the agent/publisher. Ways that your book can be successfully marketed to its targeted audience. Avenues the author can promote the book: radio, television, magazine, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Competition: What other books on this subject are currently in print or have been previously published? Use bullets to include book title, author, publisher, and release date with a quick explanation of the book is needed. Try to find at least three comparable books.

Uniqueness: What makes your book different than those you mentioned above?

Endorsements: List any established authors that will back your book with a written statement. If none, then list a handful of authors that write books similar to your own.

Book Format: Nonfiction – outline of how the text or information will be presented (if applicable).

Christian Theme: Fiction – optional but appreciated by Christian agents and editors.

Chapter Outline: Give a short one or two paragraph blip on each chapter.

Intended Readers: List by bullets the primary and secondary audiences.

Manuscript: Establish that the MS is complete or how much is available. Include the book’s (estimated) word-count, and the amount of time needed to complete the work after signing book contract.

Author Bio: Include education, professional contacts, writing awards, etc. Share experience in public speaker, and any websites or active blogs. State why you’re the best person to write this book, and your connection to the subject.

Publishing Credits: Previously published works, book contributions, magazine articles, etc. Include book/article title, publisher/magazine, and release date.

Future Projects: Fiction – give an overview of the series; title and short story synopsis. Non-fiction – pitch upcoming projects; title/subtitle and short description



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