‘Create Space’ and other self-publishing options…

I can already hear the reception this post is going to get from those who have self-published and are still looking for representation, but I just can’t help myself.  

When I receive a submission from an author (usually a first-timer) telling me they’re looking for representation for a book that they’ve already self-published—recently ‘Create Space’ is the hot thing—it makes me wonder how they haven’t thoroughly thought through the process.  

Friendly questions to ponder:

Why would a publisher take on a book project, invest mucho $$$ in editing, marketing, cover art, back cover copy, etc. in order to sell material that is already out there in the marketplace available to buy?

Why would an agent take on material that has a red flag built in by publishers?

Why wouldn’t a new author want to research everything they can in order to make informed decisions regarding their future writing career?

Just sayin’…



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